FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: This is my first time visiting MyHome360.com, and I cannot see the virtual tours. What do I need to do?
A: You will need the Java Virtual Machine in order to view the virtual tours. Please follow the link to download the free software.

Q: I'm selling my house by myself, and I don't have a web site. Can I still have a virtual tour?
A: Absolutely! We will host your virtual tours on our web server. You can advertise the web link on newspaper and home-buying magazines so potential buyers can view it.

Q: I have my own website. How do I obtain the virtual tour files so I can host them myself?
A: There is no need to do that. We will provide you the HTML codes for you to cut and paste into your own files. When clicked, a pop-up window will open up with your virtual tours.

Q: How long will you host my virtual tours?
A: We will host your virtual tours until your property is sold. And we will host your commercial property virtual tour(s) as long as you wish us to.

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